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Summer Bucket List

June 22, 2018

Having a little one who is now so active and on the move makes this summer that much more fun. There are so many things I want to take Luna to do and the first thing checked off on our bucket list: Strawberry Picking! (errr, or picking and immediately eating in Luna’s case…) We headed out to Krueger Farm on Sauvies Island and holy hell, it was hot. But we had a lot of fun and Luna was loving just running around eating all the berries. Strawberries are her absolute favorite so I figured this would be a hit.

Here is our Bucket List for this Summer!

  1. Go Strawberry Picking (check!)
  2. Go Blueberry Picking
  3. Take Luna camping
  4. Go to the Zoo (we’re members so this will happen A LOT!)
  5. Take a dinner picnic to Chapman Elementary and watch the Swifts fly in (only happens in September)
  6. Spend a weekend at the coast
  7. Take Luna to ride my mom’s horses…and just maybe a new pony is on the horizon 🙂
  8. Go to one of the local ‘Movies in the Park’
  9. Go to an amusement park
  10. Spend many afternoons at the river!



On the Move!

April 25, 2018

Three years ago we bought our first house just a few months before we got married. We have put in so much hard work making this little house of ours a home. We remodeled the kitchen and bathroom, repainted the interior and exterior, transformed the backyard into our little urban oasis but sadly we are at the point where we just need more space! Our current house in less than 1,000 sqft and with an active one year old and large dog, it is just too small for us now.

With that said we have officially begun the house hunt(err, like 2 months ago)! Living in Portland, the real estate market is crazy and we just haven’t found quite what we are looking for yet. We want to be in this next house for much longer so we (or maybe mostly me) are being pretty picky.

We are planning to list our current home as soon as we find a new house, so we are having professional photos taken for the listing this weekend!! That way we will be ready to list it the second we need to.

Hopefully we find something we love soon!



Hoppy Easter!

April 2, 2018

I swear every holiday is just that much more fun with a little one! We had a great Easter celebrating at home in the early morning and then headed to brunch later at my mom’s house. Seeing Luna’s little face light up when she saw her Easter basket this morning was the best. She had a blast throwing everything out of her basket and then throwing all the paper shreds everywhere… good thing shes cute!

We headed to brunch at my mom’s house around 9:30 and put Luna down for her a nap upstairs when we got there. It worked out great. She slept and Mars and I got to enjoy a couple mimosas 🙂 Once we got her up we did a little egg hunt in the backyard and she got another Easter basket from my mom. She was one happy little bug.

Now, if only Portland’s weather would warm up a bit so it would start feeling a bit more like spring!

Also, I forgot to bring my camera to my moms so here are a couple i-phone shots. 🙂



Luna’s First Birthday!

March 27, 2018

I can’t believe it has already been a whole year since this sweet little bug entered the world. She has filled our lives with so much love and laughter. I feel to lucky and proud to be her mama 🙂

Since Luna’s birthday is March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) we went with a more subtle St. Pattys theme, with a little bit of unicorns sprinkled in, for her party. A rainbow made from tassels, and lots and lots of balloons made for super cute, simple decor. We had a bunch of our friends and family over to our (tiny) house for brunch. Lots of yummy treats and of course, mimosas 🙂

It was the perfect sweet celebration for our sweet little girl, Luna Knight!


My First Month of Motherhood

May 9, 2017

We have survived one month (or almost 2 months at this point) with a newborn! It really is true what everyone says, being a mom is the hardest job you will ever do. I’m not going to sugar-coat anything, since our little girl Luna was born, it has been the most challenging time of my life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The first two weeks (especially the first) were rough. I battled the baby blues and felt like a horrible person for feeling the way I did. I was mourning my old life when this new life had just begun. When someone asked me how I was, I did everything in my power to hold back the tears that inevitably would start flowing. My hormones were going crazy meaning my emotions were too. I wanted this baby more than anything but I couldn’t control the way I felt. I cried every time I thought about my dog (yes my dog), thinking she would feel so sad and replaced by this new baby. She had been the center of attention since coming into our lives two years ago, so in a way she was our first ‘baby’. (I’m sure this sounds ridiculous if you aren’t a dog person, but if you are maybe you can relate) She stayed at my mom’s house for the first week so my husband and I could get used to having the baby home and when we introduced Ivi to Luna, it couldn’t have gone better. Ivi loves to give Luna kisses and now doesn’t seem to be phased by this new little person in our lives. Such a relief.

Throughout those first couple weeks my husband was so amazing. Luckily he had about 3.5 weeks of paternity leave because I don’t know how I would of made it through without him. He recognized that I was feeling off and not the way I would of hoped. He sat me down to talk about it which helped so much and he did everything he could to just make the transition easier for me, even though he was going through the same transition too: no kids to having a kid. He truly is better than anyone I could of ever asked for and I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

While the first couple weeks were hard dealing with the baby blues, we entered the start of week three and it was like the cloud had lifted, my hormones were leveling out and I started feeling normal and more importantly, happy. Things have only gotten better and easier from that point on. We started developing more of a routine, started venturing out of the house more and seriously, the more you get out with a baby, the easier and less stressful it gets. And omg, thank god for the Solly wrap! The first few weeks Luna would cry in her car seat while we were out which made things stressful. But if we just popped in her Solly wrap she went to sleep immediately, and stayed asleep for our outing. Meaning we got to go out to lunch/dinner and eat (and have a margarita or two!) in peace! It was magical. Now that she is a little older (even just a couple of weeks older ha) she is much more content being in her car seat for outings or her stroller (though we always make sure to take the Solly wrap with us everywhere just in case). Another thing that has helped my overall mental state tremendously is the fact that she is a really really good sleeper at night! Once she was back above her birth weight her pediatrician gave us the go ahead to let her sleep for as long as she wanted at night. And literally ever since then, she goes down between 8:30 and 9:30 at night and sleeps anywhere from 6-8 hours before she wakes!!! Seriously getting that long stretch of sleep is so amazing, I don’t know what we would do if we had a baby that woke every hour or two. Once she does wake, usually about 4/4:30am, Mars gets up, changes her diaper, then hands her off to me to nurse her and she is back to sleep for a couple hours. I’m hoping over the next couple weeks we can get her to just sleep all the way through until about 6/6:30. That’s when we are typically getting up during the week anyways so it would be perfect:)

When Mars went back to work after 3ish weeks I was really nervous. Not because I didn’t think I could handle taking care of the baby alone, but because I enjoyed the company of having another adult around. Someone to talk to that could actually talk back. But after the first day, and then the first week went by it wasn’t so bad. I mean, I’m not going to lie, I still count down the hours until he gets home every day. But I feel totally confident in my abilities to survive the day without him. The one thing I was most nervous about was going on my first outing alone with the baby. I had pretty severe anxiety pre-baby so I was pretty nervous about this. But I talked myself into going to Target (of course) for my first outing. She slept in the car and I plopped her in the Solly wrap when we got there. She slept the whole time and then slept on the car ride home too. I felt like I had accomplished something huge, when it was really something so simple. Every week I have gone on more and more outings with Luna and none (knock on wood) have turned into a melt down situation! Before our first trip and honestly, still before every trip out, I get a flash vision of Luna screaming her head off while I have a shopping car full and me just totally panicking, dropping all my shit and booking it to the nearest exit. Thank god that hasn’t happened…yet. But seriously, the more you get out and do it, the easier it gets.

Overall, this first month, or almost 2 now, of motherhood have been hard, trying, overwhelming, exhausting but so. damn. amazing. This little baby girl has given a whole new purpose to our lives. She just started smiling a couple weeks ago and holy shit, it melts your heart every. damn. time. Now, can someone tell me how to get her to nap for more than 45 minutes at a time during the day? That would be really great 🙂


Maternity Must Haves

November 11, 2016


I’m 6 months into my pregnancy and these have been a few things that I have been loving.

  1. Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream – I have been loving this stuff! I slather it all over my belly every night before bed. I had tried a couple other creams before this one but they left a thick greasy residue that I hated. The Mustela cream is basically like a location that absorbs into the skin really quickly, and a little goes a long way. Bonus, it smells amazing and so far no stretch marks 🙂
  2. Blanqi Maternity Support Leggings – I looked online at a lot of different leggings and reviews and finally settled on these ones. They are sooo comfortable, not see through at all, and they have built in support for the ever-expanding belly. Right now I have told myself and that I’m only allowed to wear them one week day per week and then on the weekends. If I didn’t set that limit I think I would end up wearing them every day. For now, I’m in jeans 4-5 days a week but I’m sure as I near the end of this pregnancy they will become more frequent in my rotation.
  3. VitaFusion PreNatal Gummy vitamins – These things are delicious and have everything in them to help your little one get the best start possible. I started taking these about 5 months before I got pregnant, knowing that we wanted to start trying in the summer. I had read that if you take them before you’re actually pregnant (ones that contain a high enough amount of folic acid and these do) it helps to greatly reduce the risk of neural-tube defects. Also, after I got pregnant (first month of trying) I read that if you take prenatals for several months prior to getting pregnant it can help to reduce morning sickness symptoms. Not sure if this is actually true but overall I only experienced 3 weeks of morning sickness, it got pretty bad for a bit but I know it could of been a lot worse.
  4. Maternity Tank – I got this one from Target and literally wear it almost every day. It is super comfortable and I love that is shows off the bump. I still have plenty of room to as the bump really starts to pop over these last few months and I got my regular shirt size, small.
  5. No.7 Day Cream – My skin had been really great throughout the pregnancy until about week 19. I started getting some breakouts and more oily skin throughout my t-zone. I started using this cream and it has helped to really reduce the oil without drying out my skin. I also got the night cream version as well. I’ll definitely continue to use both post-pregnancy.
  6. Comfortable (and stylish) shoes – I saw these and instantly became obsessed. I had my husband get them for me immediately because luckily, he works for Adidas so I got them for 50% off. I love that they are not only super comfortable sneakers, but they can totally be dressed up or down. I wear a lot of black, like 80% of my wardrobe is black, so they fit in perfectly. And as I’ve always said, shoes make the outfit 🙂








It’s a Girl!

October 18, 2016




Freshly Picked Moccs



As you can tell by the title of the post, we found out we are expecting a baby girl! I am so incredibly excited. Obviously my husband and I were just hoping for a healthy baby (which she is!!) but we (mostly me) really, really wanted a girl. We have had a girls name picked out literally before we were married, engaged ect. Pretty much her name has been set for 3 years now and I couldn’t be more excited that we finally get to put it to use! However, we are keeping her name between us (and a couple close friends) until she is born. Gotta have a little bit of a surprise left 😉

We just found out yesterday at our 20 week anatomy scan and I have already spent way too much money buying girl specific baby items now…oops 😉 The first thing I bought was this ride-on unicorn from Land of Nod. It goes with the theme of the nursery I have had planned sine the day I found out we were expecting. I’ll do a post soon on the nursery inspiration. I have already made a couple large clothing haul purchases a well. I mean, baby girl clothes are just TOO CUTE! Some of my favorite shops to scour online have been Old Navy and Zara. I’m not into super froo-froo girl stuff (tutus, sparkles, ect.) and Old Navy and Zara have baby girl clothes that are just the right amount of girly, without being over the top plus they are cheap. I’ll do a round-up post soon of some of my favorite clothing items I’ve purchased so far.

I can’t believe we are already half way to meeting our baby girl and knowing the gender has made everything feel so much more real. I’m so excited and hoping these next few months will fly by 🙂





We’re Having a Baby!

August 25, 2016


I still can’t believe it but we are expecting our first baby March 2017! We are so incredibly excited. The first trimester seems like it has flown by. Although, on the days where I felt like I would vomit every minute, it seemed as those the first trimester would never end 🙂 With that said I do feel like my morning sickness was relatively mild compared to some. I felt really great up until 7 weeks and then the waves of nausea hit. The constant nausea lasted for about 2 weeks and the day after we had out first ultrasound the actual vomiting started. But luckily, it only lasted for about 3 days and I slowly started to feel like myself again.

We found out we were expecting a few days before the 4th of July. And good thing we did, because we spent the holiday weekend camping at Lake Billy Chinook and it was full of boating and boozing (fake booze for me). That was probably the hardest part, pretending to drink without people noticing I wasn’t actually partaking in those activities. We decided to tell a few of our close friends that were on the trip so they could offer to make me fake drinks, ect. It worked out pretty well, but to be honest, I was in bed by 9:30 each night while everyone else was partying into the wee hours of the morning and I don’t think anyone really noticed.

As of today I am officially 12 weeks! I am dying to find out the gender!!!! Mostly because I want to start planning the nursery and buying cute baby clothes 🙂 (not that I haven’t started already) We have our fingers crossed for a particular gender (I’m not saying yet because I don’t want to jinx myself!) but obviously all that really matters is that we have a healthy baby. We have the first and middle name picked out for the gender we are hoping for (and have actually had this name combo picked out for 3+ years, prior to us being married or even engaged ha!) and that is also part of the reason we are hoping for that gender. We have no clue as far as a name goes for the other gender! But, I’m sure we would figure it out one way or another.

I’m so excited to be able to share this news and will continue to post monthly updates as well as nursery plans and any awesome baby products I discover along the way!


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