Week 4 One Room Challenge Update- Bathroom/Closet Addition

November 2, 2020

It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and it might not look like it, but so much got accomplished this week. The electrical is almost complete, just a few last things to do and it will be going through inspection mid next week. The shower pan was installed and inspected and good to go for tile now! And probably the most exciting thing of all, the skylight in the bathroom was installed! And oh my god, it makes a HUGE difference to the space. Not only does it allow a ton of natural light in but it makes the space feel even bigger. I’m so glad its done.

Next week we will have several inspections. Electrical, mechanical permit for the bathroom fan and inspection for the framing. Once those are all (fingers crossed) checked off and good to go we can move on to insulation. Which means we will that much closer to having the drywall installed, making the space feel like a true room rather than an unfinished attic space. After drywall is installed all the pretty details get to start coming together. Shiplap, tile, light fixtures, toilet, vanity!!! Ah I can’t wait.

Speaking of the vanity, that will be another job we will tackle finishing next week. We need to prime and paint and get the hardware added, and then it will be good to go to install. We plan to use a cabinet specific paint and our paint sprayer to get a nice clean finish. And of course, it will be painted Tricorn Black.

I’ve started to really research various accessories to style up the space once its ready. I purchased this rug in the rust color from Rejuvenation and it just arrived and its SO perfect. It adds some muted colors to bring a little life to the space while keeping it really natural feeling still. I’m now on the hunt for the perfect bath towels that will tie in some of the colors from the rug.

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