Week 5 One Room Challenge Update- Bathroom/Closet Addition

November 9, 2020

Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and man, we got a TON done but the pictures still make it look like a total disaster. This week my husband finished installing the electrical, installed the bathroom fan and put finishing touches on the framing. We had the city inspections for the electrical, mechanical permit for the fan and the framing and… we passed them all!!! I’m super proud of my husband, he did everything himself! This was his first time doing any major electrical work but after consulting with one of his friends, who is licensed electrician, he felt much more confident to tackle the job. And don’t worry, its all safe, up to code and done perfectly, hence why it passed city inspection! Not only was it great that he learned this new skill but it also saved us almost $3,000!

With all that stressful and somewhat boring stuff behind us, we were able to move on to the things that are really going to start finishing off the space. We headed to Home Depot and picked up all our insulation. And lets just say, it was A LOT of material. But apparently we suck at material calculations because we ended up being able to return three of the r-10 boards and three of the r-5 boards. So we actually came in almost $200 under budget for insulation!

Depending on where you live, code and weather will determine the R-value needed for your space. Living in Portland, we needed to have R-15. However since we have these crazy angled walls/ceilings being that it was an attic space, we had to use foam board insulation for the angled ceilings/walls. They don’t really stock r-15 in this material so we basically had to install these areas twice. One layer of r-10 and one layer of r-5. It took my husband about a day and a half to get these portions done. Then for all the straight up/down walls, basically all the framing we added to the space, we used the standard faced fiberglass batting insulation. We have about 75% of all of the insulation installed now. We will get it all completed this coming week, have another city inspection and then drywall will start early the following week! This is the part that is really going to start transforming the room from empty attic space to an actual room! We opted to hire out the drywall since there are so many tricky angles within the space. We thought we better leave this finishing touch to the professionals.

Although we still have SO MUCH to do, I’m feeling better about potentially finishing (or nearly finishing) it in time for the final reveal since ORC extended the final reveals until the end of the month! Once drywall is installed I will paint all the walls while my husband starts of tiling the shower. The shower is going to be big job and will definitely take a few days. Once the shower is tiled, we’ll tile the floors. After that we will install the vanity (which I will be painting this coming week!), and start putting all the finishing pieces together like lighting, mirror, shower door, ect. We still have a long way to go but I’m slowing seeing our vision come to life.

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