5 Month Bump

October 26, 2020

Halfway to babys arrival! I’m so excited and can’t believe how quickly things are going by this time around. When I was pregnant with Luna it felt like it took forever to reach this halfway point. But now, it feels like we just announced that we were even expecting another little one. I just can’t believe we are already here. I hope the next 20 weeks fly by just as quickly!

How far along: 20 weeks

Gender: Not sure! We are waiting until birth to find out! I feel like its another little girl though 🙂

Weight gain: 12 lbs

Maternity clothes: I basically live in my Blanqi leggings. And aside from jeans, I don’t really have any maternity clothing. I typically wear looser fitting sweaters all fall/winter long so my normal stuff still fits well.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well and still waking up at my usual 6am to get my workout in before Luna wakes up.

Best moment this month: The anatomy scan we had this morning! Baby is looking perfectly healthy 🙂

Worst moment this month: Getting sick from a very delicious burrito.

Miss anything: Wine!!!

Movement: Yes, been feeling little kicks that seem to get stronger every day.

Cravings: Curry and Chocolate

Queasy or sick: nope. Feeling pretty great!

Looking forward to: The delivery so we can find out if we are adding a little boy or girl to our family!

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