Week 6 One Room Challenge Update- Not finished…yet

November 30, 2020

Okay so this is the final week of the One Room Challenge and we did not finish…but I kind of figured we wouldn’t given where we started and where we needed to end up. While we are doing most of the work ourselves there were a couple elements that we hired out professionally and of course…those things took longer than they were supposed to!

Mainly, the drywall. We hired this out as there were a lot of crazy angles and we wanted it to be perfect. But a job that was supposed to take 2 days took an entire week instead. That alone set us back quite a bit. However, it looks amazing!! I think the archway from the bathroom into the closet is my favorite part. I’m so glad we decided to do it, and tie in some of the existing character on the main level of the house.

We had hoped to have had the tile done this past weekend but the drywall was just finished Saturday and we still need to add the shiplap to the two areas we didn’t have dry walled (the closet ceiling and the wall behind the vanity in the bathroom). With that said, I am still super happy with how far we have come. A space that started as absolutely nothing, I mean nothing, literally just an unfinished attic space, has completely transformed into actual rooms. And even though we aren’t as far along as I would of hoped, the transformation is already incredible! I will continue to post weekly updates until we are done! We hope to be finished by the end of the year. My husband has the last two weeks of December off from work so we are hoping to crank out all the last details!

So just to recap what HAS been completed…plumbing, electrical, framing, poured shower pan, insulation, added skylight, drywall!! Now the fun stuff really gets to start. I’ll be priming and painting the walls this week. Then next weekend we will get all the shiplap installed. After that the tile in the shower will begin! My brother-in-law will be building wood boxes that essentially slide into those rectangular spaces you see above, for built in shelving in both the bathroom and closet areas.

Lots more to do but so happy to see if all coming together!

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