Picking a Pine Tree

December 5, 2018

Last weekend we headed out to a local Christmas Tree farm and chopped down our tree! We have always got a real tree and living in the PNW it almost seems silly not to. After wandering through the field of trees for about half hour we found the perfect tree for us 🙂 Mars chopped it down pretty quickly and we headed back to the main farm area where they had some fun activities for the kids. Our friends came and met us with their daughter so the girls were able to play together. They especially loved the gross ‘snow’ that was constantly on and covering them in a disgusting foam… it looked pretty coming down but it left a pile of sludgy foam on the ground that just stuck to everything hahaAfter being overwhelmed (Luna and myself) with the crazy amount of people we headed out to a local tavern a few minutes down the road. We sat down for lunch and nearly instantly regretted it. Two hungry, tired toddlers…it was a recipe for disaster. Thank god for for those beers we had at 11:30 in the morning 🙂 Once our food finally came, the kids quieted down and ate a healthy lunch of french fries and ketchup ha We headed home and put Luna down for a nap and then set up our tree in the living room! There is nothing I love more than a house fully decked out for Christmas, and the tree is just the center piece of it all.

I can’t wait to share our home with friends this coming weekend at our first holiday party in our new home! It’s going to be a festive week preparing for the fun 🙂

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