Week 3 One Room Challenge- Bathroom/Closet Addition

October 26, 2020

It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge! This week has been successful but also very challenging. The plumbing was completed on Tuesday and then the city inspector came out to inspect the plumbing and it didn’t quite go as expected…

It was all done via FaceTime since he didn’t want to come in the house (which I was actually very happy about) but basically he ended up being a real stickler (aka a douche bag) and was concerned about things that only had to do with the building permit and not the plumbing permit that he was actually there to inspect. Long story short, we (meaning my husband) ended up having to move the framing of the shower out about 6 inches to allow for even more ceiling height in the shower area, meaning the plumbers had to also move the toilet rough in over a few inches as well. UGH! But its fixed and all is well.

Next up is electrical. We had a couple bids done to have it done professionally but they came back a lot higher than we were expecting and higher than our friend, who is a contractor, thought seemed reasonable too. So after talking with a few of his friends, my husband decided he would just do the electrical himself. So that process started this weekend and we officially have power in the bathroom now! Just need to finish installing the fan, switches and outlets.

In other news, we decided to add tongue and groove to the angled ceilings in the closet, rather than drywall, to add some more character to the space. We also got the IKEA drawers that we will be building into the wall dry-fit to where we had them framed out, and good news, they fit perfectly!

On deck for next week will be to finish out the electrical and then probably the most exciting thing to happen so far…the skylight install! We are having a skylight installed in the bathroom to allow some natural light in and I can’t wait to see what a dramatic difference this will make to the space.

We also have a tile guy coming to install the shower pan this next week. We wanted to make sure we had that done professionally since the bathroom is upstairs, above what will be the new baby’s room. So last thing we want is the shower leaking into their room below. Once the shower pan is done, the final plumbing inspection happens and then we should be good to move on to somewhat more exciting things, like insulation…yay! But really, that just means we are one step closer to drywall which will make the whole space really start feeling like an actual room!

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