Summer Bucket List

June 22, 2018

Having a little one who is now so active and on the move makes this summer that much more fun. There are so many things I want to take Luna to do and the first thing checked off on our bucket list: Strawberry Picking! (errr, or picking and immediately eating in Luna’s case…) We headed out to Krueger Farm on Sauvies Island and holy hell, it was hot. But we had a lot of fun and Luna was loving just running around eating all the berries. Strawberries are her absolute favorite so I figured this would be a hit.

Here is our Bucket List for this Summer!

  1. Go Strawberry Picking (check!)
  2. Go Blueberry Picking
  3. Take Luna camping
  4. Go to the Zoo (we’re members so this will happen A LOT!)
  5. Take a dinner picnic to Chapman Elementary and watch the Swifts fly in (only happens in September)
  6. Spend a weekend at the coast
  7. Take Luna to ride my mom’s horses…and just maybe a new pony is on the horizon 🙂
  8. Go to one of the local ‘Movies in the Park’
  9. Go to an amusement park
  10. Spend many afternoons at the river!


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