Inspiration for our New Backyard

August 2, 2018

We have officially been in our new home for 2.5 weeks so it is time to get going on our first project: the backyard! One of things that we weren’t in love with at our new house was the backyard. It is completely bare, just (dead) grass and ONE bush. But thankfully its a peony bush, so it’s fine. But, our old house had the best yard, with tons of mature trees and privacy from all the neighbors. Basically everything you could want in a yard, our last house had and our new one doesn’t. With that being said, the fact that our new yard is such a blank slate actually makes the reno process easier i.e. nothing to tear out!

The house itself is a 1930’s English Tudor with tons of character. But we do plan on mixing that character with a more modern vibe, backyard included. Next spring we plan to have the house painted DARK. Like almost black (think gunite) with black trim and light natural wood accents. So this color theme is going to be carried through the yard.

We want to keep things minimal, natural, with clean lines and somewhat of a southwest/desert vibe. I keep saying the color/material story for the exterior is: black, white, wood, concrete, terracotta, and greenery.  The above is inspiration for the the whole yard, landscaping, patio, ect. Some elements we know for sure we are going to include: planting a couple trees for shade, bamboo or some type of modern-looking privacy hedge along the fence line, gas fire pit area, covered patio with dining table for 8, small outdoor kitchen, and minimal low-maintenance landscaping.

We are hoping to get the plan nailed down this month so we can start making moves come September!

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