We Bought a New House!!!

July 14, 2018

We are so excited, we finally closed on our new home! And we also (a few days before) closed on the sale of our first home. Bittersweet. So many memories were created there but we are so ready to move into our new house on Monday! And bonus it is only 5 minutes from our old one 🙂

The Portland real estate market is pretty crazy. We knew we would be able to sell our old home really quickly but also knew it would most likely take us longer to find our new one. Well, I was right. We got an offer on our home the first day on the market. But we had started looking for a new house back in January…. It wasn’t until the end of May that we finally found a house we loved and our offer was accepted. But, finally, all is done and we got the keys!!!

Our new home is a 1930’s English Tudor that literally has 3 times the (much needed) space of our old home. The house retains a lot of the original character which I love, but we also plan to mix in some more modern elements. Overall the house was the perfect mix of move-in ready and projects. We have a few things planned already but the first project will be the backyard. It is a total blank slate right now, literally has one plant (thankfully it’s a peony bush) but we have already been working on some plans so that will be this summers project!

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