On the Move!

April 25, 2018

Three years ago we bought our first house just a few months before we got married. We have put in so much hard work making this little house of ours a home. We remodeled the kitchen and bathroom, repainted the interior and exterior, transformed the backyard into our little urban oasis but sadly we are at the point where we just need more space! Our current house in less than 1,000 sqft and with an active one year old and large dog, it is just too small for us now.

With that said we have officially begun the house hunt(err, like 2 months ago)! Living in Portland, the real estate market is crazy and we just haven’t found quite what we are looking for yet. We want to be in this next house for much longer so we (or maybe mostly me) are being pretty picky.

We are planning to list our current home as soon as we find a new house, so we are having professional photos taken for the listing this weekend!! That way we will be ready to list it the second we need to.

Hopefully we find something we love soon!


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