DIY Coat Rack

February 20, 2019

This project was long overdue but we finally got to it and it’s exactly what we wanted! We were in desperate need of somewhere to hang our coats before putting them away in the hall closet. We live in Portland, so with that comes some rainy weather = wet coats. We also have a dog who loves to dig in the yard. So anytime it has rained she comes in with muddy paws. For the longest time we have just had a rag hanging on the hing of the back door…super classy. But I am happy to say that is no longer the case, and the best part about this new coat rack? We made it using all materials we already had on hand!I looked around for a while to find a rack I could just buy but I really wanted the wood tone to mimic that of the kitchen cabinets (since the back door where this rack is located is right off the kitchen), and I didn’t want to pay $100+ for a freaking coat rack. So we just decided to get what we wanted we needed to make it. I remembered we had bought these hooks a couple years ago and never ended up using them. So we looked through some scrap cedar wood we had in our garage and found the perfect backing to attach the hooks to. This coat rack was the look we were going for (just not that price). I took the cedar board and sanded it down for a nice smooth finish. We then put a simple clear coat on top to help draw out the natural tones of the wood more. We then attached the hooks we had on hand (they look almost identical to these but for literally a fraction of the price!) and voilà! Super easy, quick DIY that looks like a high-end piece for a fraction of the price!

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