Bathroom/Closet Addition – Week 2 One Room Challenge

October 15, 2020

Its week two of the One Room Challenge and this is where we are at so far! We officially have nearly all (about 95%) of the framing done! My husband tackled this job with the help of one of his buddies. It took them about 3 days to complete. The biggest part was moving the door that goes from the bedroom into the bathroom over, about 1.5ft to allow for a code compliant shower.

The last part of the framing that needs to be done still is adding the archway that will go above the doorway that goes from the bathroom into the closet. I wanted to tie in all the archways we have on the main floor of our home so this seemed like the perfect space to add some character upstairs. We will use a piece of plywood to cut out the shape of the archway. Then the drywall installers will come in and give it all the smooth finishes.

Another element of the framing that took a bit of time but will be totally worth it: the recessed shelving. We will have one set of recessed shelving in the bathroom to have folded towels, candles, ect. A great way to add a bit more storage without compromising floor space. We will also be adding two long recessed shelving units along one side of the closet. This will be for all our shoe storage! And my husband works for Adidas, so, we have a whole lot of shoes.

Another element that will be recessed and is a bit of a DIY/IKEA hack, with be some added drawer storage. We will be adding three of the IKEA Eket cabinets (2 drawers in each unit). So we framed out three spots on the wall opposite of the shoe storage to slide these drawer units into, to create a built-in look.

One of the most exciting things that was completed this week was the vanity! My brother-in-law is a very talented wood worker on the side of this regular job as a veterinarian. He brought our dreams to reality with a beautiful custom floating vanity and delivered it yesterday. We will paint it black and then add these aged brass drawer pulls and cabinet pulls from Rejuvenation.

Feeling pretty good about the progress so far and plumbing starts tomorrow! It should take about 5 days to complete and then my husband will get started on the electrical. I’m looking forward to the drywall stage so we can really start to see the space looking more finished!

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