Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

April 11, 2016

modern-farmhouse-bathroom-inspiration-boardWhen my husband and I purchased our first home last Spring we knew there were some things that we wanted to change to make the house fit our style and taste. The house is a small, 2 bedroom 1 bath built in 1952 and let’s just say, it was pretty evident no improvements (other than new windows) had been done to the house since 1952.  Overall the house is in decent condition but updates are still needed.

In comes our sole bathroom. It’s tiny, dingy, and totally 50’s style. With that said, its completely functional and is just awaiting some remodel magic 🙂

I put together an inspiration board before we started anything so I could visualize all the materials I had selected together. I really think this is the best way to start any project when it comes to remodeling or even just basic decorating. I had a hard time choosing a light fixture so being able to simply swap different photos out really helped ease the decision making so I didn’t feel like I purchased something that really wouldn’t work in the space.

I can’t wait to share the before and after photos soon!


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